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Author Mobile
Author Mobile

An authoring tool compatible with smartphones and tablets

Author mobile is an authoring tool in a situation of mobility.

Easily author your articles, wherever you are!

Author Mobile is designed for journalists and content authors, and enables you to draft an article quickly (with no need for a computer) on your mobile device. It also lets you take photos and record videos.

This mobile app is directly connected to the HEYSQUID and HEYSQUID News back-office tools, to enable enrichment and validation of the products contents before their cross-media publication, without loss of time.

A cross-media publication

This new authoring option is very responsive, enabling you to dispose of a base of content and media to be published quickly:

  • either on your web CMS
  • on your social networks
  • or on your editorial system
Author Mobile

Main features

  • Creation of content : articles, photos, videos

  • Content with associated metadata

  • Geo-location of content

  • Local backup (in offline mode)

  • Upload to Heysquid News

  • IPTC classification of articles (standard or business segment baseline in the application)

  • Consultation of article(s) that has/have already been input

  • Reediting of article(s) that has/have already been input

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