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Codex Reader
Codex Reader

Distribution platform for ePub and other publications

Codex Reader is an ePub and enriched PDF publication reading application, with dynamic, fixed or mixed page layout.
Codex Reader is efficient and particularly adapted for big volumes; legal, technical, scientific documents, …

It allows you to manage a customized library of publications bought through an integrated kiosk. Content can be monetized through the App Store or the Google Play Store, and with its back office, you can also stream content to only some of your readers or provide them with unique download codes. The publications bought are protected by a DRM system: your content cannot be retrieved or distributed without your authorization. These DRMs work in off-line mode: readers are free to view available publications when they are not connected to a network.

Codex Reader is available on 7’’ to 10’’ Android and iOS tablets.

Codex Reader

Digital library in white label

Codex Reader allows you to offer your own digital kiosk. This application is marketed as a white-label service: it can be adapted to your corporate identity guidelines.

Sell and manage your publications freely to authorized users. Make you brand and your publications visible on the mobile devices of your teams and your clients by allowing them direct access to your editorial collection without having to use Apple or Google search services.

Use standard store management interfaces (Apple and Google) for monetized content.

Manage on-line publishing and posting of ePub and other formats using the Codex Reader back-office, with which you also create your recipient groups and download codes. For that, 4D Concept provides you with a customized on-line publishing guide based on your publications. The back office is available either in SaaS mode or hosted under your servers.


Codex Reader

Main features

  • Secured by DRM

  • Offline playback

  • Compatible ePub standard format

  • Showing large content

  • Full text search

  • Distribution of paid content (via App Store and Google Play Store) and free

  • Private distribution of content

  • Broadcast by download code

  • Back-office in SaaS

  • Targeting recipients, defining groups

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