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Authoring system
Authoring system

Collaborative work plateform

HEYSQUID News is an authoring (CMS publishing) system: a collaborative work tool that helps you to organize your publishing material (articles, desktop publication documents, multimedia…).

Use your contents and publish cross-media

It constitutes a centralized reference database that allows you to access all your material (Adobe InDesign®, fabrication and PDF validation tools, Flatplan via a unique portal, and opening up new publishing perspectives.

Authoring system

Main features

    • Manage content
    • Manage dedicated workspaces
    • Publishing workflow
    • Version management
    • Translation management
    • Cart and file management
    • Customized search, full text, by facets, of metadata
    • Content preview
    • Manage distribution variants: listing and adjustment of content according to distribution support (web publication, tablet, paper)
    • Adobe InDesign® composition automate
    • Publish automatically to social networks (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook)


    • Newsletter Management, Image Management, Video and Slideshow

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