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Complete publishing system

HEYSQUID News is a complete publishing system that groups three tools that are indispensable for manufacturing different issues of a magazine: a layout, a production wall, and a PDF feed.

The objective of HEYSQUID News is above all professional: its purpose is to facilitate the exchanges between the various workflows, to mutualize information by providing an overall view and exchanging the right information with the right partner (printer, photoengraver).

The information can come from an authoring system, a CMS (e.g., HEYSQUID News), an advertising reservation system or an external feed. The goal is to manage the design of a magazine taking into account advertising opportunities and manufacturing constraints.


Print production

The layout serves to design the structure of a magazine or a publication: define the number of pages, indicate the imposition of print signatures that constitute the publication, reserve space, place advertisements, and place authored topics.

  •  The topics and authored pages come from HEYSQUID News Content Management.
  •  Advertisements with their graphic elements.
  •  The construction of issues by print signatures

The production wall helps with the publication of the magazine. It manages the page production tracking and PDF validation before sending to the printers according to the print signatures and the layout.

A PDF feed for creating, declining, proofing, checking and sending to the printers.

HEYSQUID News can interface with Dalim or PowerSwitch PDF validation tools.


Main features


  • Pilot, design, reserve, place, move, delete
  • Configurable display
  • Locking system


  • A view per signature and alert in case of problems with PDF Preflight
  • Tools for tracking, printing and validating pages
  • State of the preflight, history of versions and transmission to printer
  • Can be connected to a soft-proofing system
  • Displays reservations and placing
  • Displays and validates PDF printers
  • Sends PDF printers


  • Create, check, proofread, transmit, decline PDF’s

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